Nicole radiates passion, boldness and positive vibes in and outside of The Studio.

A former NBA dancer, She is a real-life energizer bunny who aspires to spread joy and self-love through movement to everyone who walks in her doors. Dance and fitness are her two greatest loves, so merging them together has been a total dream come true.

An east coast native, Nicole moved to San Diego two years ago from NYC to trade the concrete jungle for a sunnier lifestyle, and has never looked back! 

Brag worthy moment: Nicole was her high-school Valedictorian.  

Nicole brings her energy to The Studio, San Diego and teaches three different class styles:  BARRE, HIIT, and 305 Cardio Dance.  

Favorite Childhood Memory

Playing dress up with my friends!

Go-To Karaoke Song

Mr. Bright Side!

Guilty Pleasure

Ice Cream (EVERYDAY)!!

Favorite workout move

Any variation of a burpee.