This California native commands a room with tremendous experience, a personality larger than life, and an ability to make everyone immediately feel like she is their best friend. McClaren is a believer in the mental and physical aspects of fitness and her signature KettleHell classes will build your strength and confidence as she challenges you to be your very best.

Outside of the studio, you can find her dancing on a spin bike or you can catch her relaxing on the beach.

McClaren teaches KettleHell and Barre at The Studio.

KettleHell is a heart-pounding, intense, full-body circuit workout utilizes kettlebells, body-weight exercises, and resistance band work to upgrade your traditional routine.

Our Signature Barre class is a step up from your tradition barre class.  This barre class will raise your routine to the next level.  Our barre format combines cardio, strength training, and precise techniques that are challenging.

Where are you from?

San Diego

Guilty Pleasure

Hard booch

Netflix and Chill?


Go-to song in class

Majesty by Apashe