We are the first (and only) fitness studio in San Diego to offer seven unique formats in a quality, boutique setting. 
Our workouts are all strength based and include elements of yoga, cardio,& dance.
What’s different about The Studio?
Our instructors bring their unique approach to each of these fitness classes.
We offer a variety of fitness classes every day. You can always find something you are looking for.

For more detailed class descriptions, see below:

Sculpt your body and build your confidence in lifting weights. Improve your form, technique, and endurance in this full body weights based workout.

Each class is specifically tailored to building complementary muscle groups and focuses on instilling correct form to create, then build upon, a strong foundation in dynamic lifting.

This heart-pounding, intense, full-body circuit workout utilizes kettlebells, body-weight exercises, and resistance band work to upgrade your traditional routine.

Prepare for a strength breakthrough.

A total body workout. Combines cardio and strength into one of our most challenging classes.

This HIIT class is the perfect yin/yang designed to leave you breathless and feeling like a badass!

Torch’d is a music-driven cardio class that uses a mini trampoline and weights. Expect 50 minutes of a high energy, fat burning, vigorous full-body cardio, and muscle-sculpting workout. Welcome to your new addiction!

A hardcore class that targets individual muscle groups.  Incorporating elements of barre, hiit, and strength for an all out total body workout. This class combines athletic intensity, strength training, and precise techniques to strengthen muscles you didn’t know you had.

Music driven and fast paced.  Get ready to find your shake.

This class is designed to bring you inward, while intensely working you out. 50 minutes of HIIT with intervals of Vinyasa style flow will keep you on your toes and focused. This is a full-body and mind workout, where each muscle-group is targeted, and mindful movements are implemented. Each class is structured the same, starting off with a yoga-inspired warm up, leading into the addition of weights, with bursts of cardio. We periodically bring it back to yoga, where you can tap into all the heat and intensity you have created in your body, to encourage yourself to ground down, even with your heart pumping. This is a fun and fast format, where you get the benefits of yoga sculpt, HIIT & yoga all rolled into one.

Part HIIT workout, part dance class, this addictive cardio party will make you sweat and push your limits. 305 Fitness unleashes endorphins through beat-based movement and traditional bodyweight aerobic exercises including burpees, jump squats and lunges.

Prepare to be rocked.

The Studio is the reimagination of the boutique fitness experience. Featuring an expertly curated repertoire of premier classes designed and taught by San Diego’s top instructors, the Studio combines the quality and amenity of high-end studios with a community vibe. Our hand-selected team of instructors bring the highest-caliber experience and expertise in barre, yoga, resistance training, dance, weights, and high intensity interval training – all in one beautiful space centrally-located in Bankers Hill.

Our mission is simple: build a better fitness experience featuring the best classes taught by the most sought-after instructors in the coolest space. Welcome to the Studio.