Let's be honest.
Gyms could be better.
What if you could have the best instructors AND the best classes -you know the ones – they are hard AF, but also motivating, effective, and most importantly fun.

That’s what we made.  A better fitness experience – the shit you deserve.

Our formula is simple: challenging, motivating, effective, fun classes. We built everything on three basic concepts you are already used to.
And then we made them better:
What’s different? Our instructors bring their unique approach to each of these disciplines. 

rachel racz

The Studio is the vision of our founder, Rachel Racz!  Rachel is a Wall Street burnout turned boutique fitness junkie. She’s a fast talking, wine loving, hoodie wearing maniac. Her life motto: “always crush everything.”

When you see Rachel at The Studio, expect a big smile and a straight answer.  When she’s not at The Studio, she’s most likely on an adventure.